Untold Stories Of Summer


The art of storytelling and technology unite during the summer of 2019 for “Chicago Untold Stories”.  A summer project, where inner city youth utilize Apple technology to accurately tell compelling stories of their time through documentary style film. 


Chicago Untold Stories is a collaborative project with CPS, Apple and One Summer Chicago tasked assisting the youth in amplifying their voice.





July 1, 2019-August 8,2019

Week 1: July 1st -3rd (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

2Day Challenge

Week 2: July 9th-12th (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday remotely)

Ideation, Research, Pitch

Week 3: July 16th-19th (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday remotely)


Week 4: July 23rd-26th (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday remotely)


Week 5: July 23rd-26th (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday remotely)

Production, Post-Production 

Week 6: July 30th- August 2nd (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday remotely)


Apple Event August 8, 2019




Take inspiration from the city, your neighborhood or a unique character that you know has a great story to produce a meaningful personal story narrative using an iPhone and the accessories provided. Focus on both narrative as well as visuals to show rather than just tell their story. 



A 90 second to 2 minute video shot and edited using the iPhones provided uploaded to Chicago Untold Stories Google Drive by 3pm 7/3.



To jumpstart the program by going out and testing the equipment in a real life situation. To push your creativity and perceived limits of what an iPhone can do. To get an accurate assessment of your strengths so we can make the best fit possible in forming the groups for the Summer Stories project. To test potential ideas, subjects and characters that might work well for the full project.

Youth will work in groups of 2 during the 2Day Challenge

Please complete the CUS Interest Survey



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